This Dude I Know

This is Korey. I have never met anyone like him and I promise you, I never will.
Korey is one of my best friends and since we share the same interests, we hangout A LOT.
He can be found posting hilarious tweets, while trying to fit his life into 140 characters.
On any given day, you’ll see him killing the streets and probably killing himself as well.
When he sets his bike and phone down, he gets behind the lens and gets awesome!
As if that isn’t enough, the guy is a road trip machine and is a programming genius.
On top of all this, Korey is one of my best friends and I’m proud to say that.
We’ve spent many all night ventures playing Skate 3 or grabbing food at 3AM.
We’ve spent hours in the car looking for street spots and even more laughing about it.
I’ve vowed to make an audio book of his outrageous life stories. Google him sometime.
Korey has easily been my biggest influence when it comes to photography.
His relaxed attitude and casual approach to the situations always leaves me in awe.
Whether he’s calling me to go try to shoot the lunar eclipse when it is below freezing,
Or walking out into the most disgusting, bug infested lake to shoot a bike check.
I have some crazy ideas and Korey is always game to try to make them happen.
Things don’t always go smoothly, but he always laughs about it and makes them happen.
That’s probably why he’s so different; he just does it.
A passing thought turns into a 6hr drive to Cleveland or some other unbelievable situation.
If you know Korey, you know what I mean. If you don’t know him… WHY NOT?!


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