Sink Me.

My heart stirs to know You and embrace the love I do not deserve to hold.
My head cannot fathom what this heart holds.
The clutter of ruins transformed to the most luscious gardens.
Defeat branded by an eternal seal that reads,
“In weakness I fell, but when I did so, I fell into Your arms.”
Careless I trudge on and stumble, but onward I press.
The hope of You and how You transform, stirs the sod of my heart.
It begs You to bring water and quench the desert.
Let not Your love trickle into my soul,
But cascade down the most violent waves to crash and wreck this vessel.
Flood the hull and sink the self-seeking.
Let the sea teach me of Your sovereignty.
Let currents transcend my navigation and pull me ever towards Your greatness.
Guide this vessel home.


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